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5:52 pm, by nygmasarkhamjournal
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Said he has a big treatment planned

something different

i cant even bring myself to fear for my life anymore

i just hope whatever it is will be fast.

6:37 pm, by nygmasarkhamjournal

5/21/13. I think.

Havent been writing. 

Didn’t have the motivation for it. or whatever

havent been really lucid either, with the stuff Jervis has been giving me.

Started treatment again

I hope Aaron’s ok

I hope he can forgive me

I dont deserve it, if he does.


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7:00 pm, by nygmasarkhamjournal
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His birthday is tomorrow.

Havent heard from Gordon since

how long ago was it?

it’s hard to tell in here

Two days, right.

I can hear the guards again. I havent had treatment yet, but——

6:24 pm, by nygmasarkhamjournal


Three days

Gordon came again

Havent had treatment in a week. 

Jervis started talking again.

Im worried things are getting too good. Things never get good without a major downfall. 

1:57 pm, by nygmasarkhamjournal


Gordon visited today. 

I think Strange thought that he would, so he stopped my treatment a few days ago so i’d be coherent. 

Gordon said he needed my help. Some new rogue, and Batman was busy or something…

He thinks I can help.

I can’t help anyone.


Aaron’s birthday is in 6 days.

He’ll be 28.

6:22 pm, by nygmasarkhamjournal

Saturday I think

Jervis started talking again today

He isnt right I think Strange finally broke him

It’s hard to remember things

I dont remember my birthday

are there 30 days in April?

how many strips are on america’s flag?

I’m trying. I’m trying so hard to just do what someone told me

I dont remember who

But Aaron fills my mind and it’s helping

I miss him so much

I miss my family

I want to go home


9:14 pm, by nygmasarkhamjournal

Day I Don’t Know

He did something to Jervis

Something horrible, and Jervis wont tell me

he wont talk at all

he just lays in bed, holding his stomach

I have ideas

I saw the scar

Strange cut him open.

I’m scared.

I cant remember things, and I dont know what day it is

I miss Aaron. I want Aaron back, and I need Jervis but he isnt talking or moving

I’m scared

what if Strange cuts me open next?


4:34 pm, by nygmasarkhamjournal

Day After the Last One

Starting to forget things. 

Important things. 

Jervis is trying to remind me but sometimes I cant understand him.

He’s barely holding together on his own, let alone having to deal with me.

jon’s trick is working.

it was jon’s, wasnt it?

I dont remember. 

5:54 pm, by nygmasarkhamjournal